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Project Description

his iconic structure for an International Port, with an area of 10,000 square meters, is primarily comprised of trade operation, engineering and customs offices, as well as training facilities for port personnel. The building functions as the ‘brain’ of the port. The visual and physical connection with the working quays is a critical aspect for the functionality of the design.

With its sculptural form, the Administration Building attempts to become an iconic and functional centerpiece within the International Port, welcoming the arriving vessels into the new commercial port. The visual and physical connection to the working quays is critical to the efficiency of the building’s design. A control tower atop the building enables 360 degree monitoring of the international port, while circulation paths provide efficient access to the operation points for the port’s personnel on the ground.

It was noted that the total construction area of the quay is 17 hectares. There is a berth 175 metres in length and 12.5 metres in width, which is capable of receiving two ferries at a time. Located at an altitude of 4.25 metres, the quay can receive ferries regardless changes in water levels. Two 79m railway berths and an 809m service berth were constructed here. A car yard having five railway lines, state-of-the-art navigation and communication systems, a highway, a tunnel, and other infrastructure and communication facilities and installations are ready for operation. More than 2,000 people, most of them locals, and 500 machines are involved in the large-scale construction work at the port. At the first stage, 6 million cubic metres of land disturbance and 300,000 cubic metres of concrete work was carried out, some 1,874 reinforced concrete piles were installed. The construction of the RO-RO quay and a dry cargo and container terminal consisting of four quays, as well as a repair base, waiting rooms, depots, border and customs checkpoints and other facilities continues.

Project Details